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Step Advantage

Innovative Nonslip Floor Treatment in Chicago, IL

A simple slip can cost time, money, and – most importantly – your health. While many slick surfaces are overlooked until it’s too late, businesses and families with kids, seniors, or members with disabilities know that losing your footing is all too dangerous. At Step Advantage, we give people and organizations a safe, efficient, and cost-effective way to proactively reduce risk at home and in the workplace.

Our unique nonslip floor treatment in Chicago, IL, creates a sophisticated, invisible tread on any hard floor surface. Also effective as a nonslip tub treatment or shower coating, this addition to your space almost immediately improves accessibility and safety anywhere you apply it. In fact, it’s so effective that one use can increase the coefficient of friction on your surfaces by 200 to 400 percent. Even when the floor gets wet, you’ll feel confident in your footing.

Easy and Efficient 

One of the biggest advantages of our anti-slip treatment is how quickly and painlessly it applies. Our team works quickly to get the project done, delivering results you can trust and the level of service you deserve. Best of all, there’s no long drying period. You can use your floor, shower, or tub as soon as we finish the job. Protect your space and the people in it today by contacting us for more information.